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Just Finches & Softbills Magazine

A bird keeping magazine devoted to the management and breeding of finch and softbill species, primarily focusing on Australasia, with each issue being released every 3 - 4 months.

Just Finches magazine, Issue 49

Issue 49 -

Feature articles on:
  • Birds of The Top End
  • Himalayan Greenfinches
  • Blue Bellied Rollers
  • Painted Firetails
  • Purple Grenadier Waxbills
  • Growing Microgreens for Your Finches
  • Australian Robins in Field and Aviary
  • Making the Most of a Small Backyard - BREEDERS PROFILE, Rosslyn Davidson, Sydney, NSW.
Just Finches magazine, Issue 48

Issue 48 -

Feature articles on:
  • The Scarlet Honeyeater
  • Some Very Handy Zebra Finches on Display in Bill's Collection - BREEDERS PROFILE, Bill Sewell, Bathurst, NSW
  • Birding in the Capertee Valley
  • Management of Australian Grassfinches in a Wet Cold Climate
  • The Use of Hail Netting for Bird Aviaries
  • Mutations - How Far We Have Come !
  • Plenty of Room for Birds in Tony's Large Aviaries - BREEDERS PROFILE, Tony Ford, Orange, NSW
  • The Rise and Fall of the African Silverbill
Just Finches magazine, Issue 47

Issue 47 -

Feature articles on:
  • The Gouldian Finch - A Flight Path of Discovery and Achievement
  • The Pictorella Munia
  • Mixed Finch Collections - The Pros and Cons
  • Suspended Aviary Complex Yielding Good Results - BREEDERS PROFILE, Gregory Parker, Cooranbong, NSW
  • The Tri Coloured Munia
  • Diet and Finch Health
  • Looking for Softbills, Finches and Other Birds in Southern New Zealand
  • Bird Books - Supporting and Influencing Our Hobby
Just Finches magazine, Issue 46

Issue 46 -

Feature articles on:
  • The Double-barred Grassfinch
  • Native Softbill Species Foremost in Jeff's Collection - BREEDERS PROFILE - Jeff Bray, Muwillumbah, Qld
  • Getting Started With Black Hooded Red Siskins
  • Sex Imbalance
  • The Black-cheeked Waxill "My Soul mate in aviculture"
  • Update on Mike Fidler's Bird Collection and Aviary Modifications
  • Pied Stilts
  • Observing birds in the Wild and Photographing Them
Just Finches magazine, Issue 45

Issue 45 -

Feature articles on:
  • Rarer Species Get focused on in Ernie's Aviaries - BREEDERS PROFILE, Ernie White, Gold Coast, Qld
  • My Experience With the Lesser Red-browed Finch
  • What Aviary Size is Best?
  • The Plum-headed Finch - A Modest Australian
  • Sharing the Finch Aviary With Other Birds
  • Red Billed Firefinch
  • Birds Galore at David's Hunter Valley Location - BREEDERS PROFILE, David Jackson, Cessnock NSW
  • Livefood for Our Birds - The Moth Trap
  • Masked Finches in Field and Aviary
  • Cages for Holding and Breeding Birds
Just Finches magazine, Issue 44

Issue 44 -

Feature articles on:
  • Book Review - Pigeons and Doves in Australia
  • Some Like Them Big! - Large Aviaries What Advantages?
  • Suitable Nest Sites in the Aviary
  • Africa's Kruger National Park - On the Cheap!
  • David's Portable Aviaries Can Easily be Moved if Needed - BREEDERS PROFILE, David Pendergast, Mt Tambourine, Qld
  • The Great Kiskadee
  • Breeding Gouldians in a Cold Climate
  • Pest Management Around the Aviary
  • Mixed Collections in Chris's Large Aviary Complex - BREEDERS PROFILE, Chris Leeper, Brisbane, Qld
  • 3rd National Finch Census 2014 - An Analysis
Feature articles:

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Save the Gouldian Fund - Can You Help?

Save the Gouldian Fund - Can You Help?

Just Finches & Softbills - Issue 50 - Coming to Subscribers !

Just Finches & Softbills - Issue 50 - Coming to Subscribers !

NEW DVD on African Greys - See NZ Birdz News Page

NEW DVD on African Greys - See NZ Birdz News Page

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Rare Finch Conservation Group - Proud Supporter

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