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Welcome to Just Finches & Softbills & New Zealand Birdz Magazines

Enjoy reading about Finch & Softbill species and their management, through our specialist magazine “Just Finches & Softbills”, or look at general birdkeeping in New Zealand, as well as Australia and beyond, with articles on all varieties of birds and subjects through New Zealand BIRDZ Magazine on-line.

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Suitable Housing for Finches & Softbills

Suitable Housing for Finches & Softbills

Released at the QFS convention in 2011, this 120 page book looks at how to go about planning and building many different types of aviaries for finches & softbills. It also looks and how to set up seed stations and an automatic watering system. The final chapter is devoted to looking at popular softbills kept in Australian aviaries. Chapters include:
* Planning Ahead
* The Basic Aviary
* Muliple Aviaries
* Large Display Aviaries
* Aviaries for Cold Climates
* Specialist Aviaries
* Aviaries for Softbills
* Alternative Housing
* Holding Cages and Aviaries
* Aviary Ideas for Seed and Water
* An Overview of Softbills
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Zebra Finches in Australia

 Zebra Finches in Australia

This book on Zebra finches in Australia is a joint venture written by Harry Doven and Ken Glasson from Western Australia. They have both been involved in aviculture for many years and in recent times have specialized more in Zebra finches. This book is their stories combined, and in it they will reveal their experiences and how you can successfully breed and keep Zebra finches. Most of the book and photos are from Harry and Ken themselves with the help of a few others ( especially Jim Clark and Frank Sundgaard Nielsen ).

In this 130 page plus all colour book you will read about the origins of the Zebra finch, colours, housing and feeding, breeding, genetics, general information, health and diseases, purchasing and quarantine, showing zebras, the national zebra federation, standards of perfection, selecting and breeding by each variety and the future - mutations and combos overseas. The book will contain 150 plus photographs.

The official launch of the book was at the National Federation of Zebra finches show in Adelaide, which will be held on the 7th and 8th of August 2010.

Searching for Shelly's Crimsonwing Amongst Africas Mountain Gorillas

 Searching for Shelly's Crimsonwing Amongst Africas Mountain Gorillas

Through our magazine we have kept everyone up to date with the progress of this worthwhile project being undertaken by the Rare Finch Conservation Group in South Africa as it as proceeded. This DVD presentation looks at the results so far in the search.

It looks at the difficulties involved in this huge undertaking, as well as going out into the field with Benson the birdcatcher, looking at how mist netts are setup each day and some of the bird species that are caught and measured before being released back into the wild. This of course gives the RFCG opportunity to make the public aware of what they are trying to accomplish.

By buying a copy of the DVD you will also help support the project. It is a well put together presenation that lasts for about 60 mins. You will thoroughly enjoy your look into this whole project. Check out our shop page for more details.

The Finch - a breeders companion

The Finches - a breeders companion

As well as detailing Russell's personal experiences both in the keeping and breeding of the finches, it also relates his experiences with the birds in the field. Beside colour photographs of the birds, habitat, etc, there are also drawings illustrating distribution in the wild, sexing of the finches and their nests. As well there are chapters on the finches themselves, breeding, housing, husbandry, health and nutrition.

DVD about "Keeping and Breeding Softbills" - Released Sept 2009

New DVD "Keeping and Breeding Softbills"

After 5 years work, film maker Eelco Meyjes has released a DVD on Keeping and Breeding Softbills. In fact when it came time to edit and finish the project Eelco had that much excellent footage it wouldn't all fit on just a single disk. So this latest offering is a double disk set that comprises 154 mins of footage.

Approximately 85 different species are covered. Not just the species themselves but also interviews with some of the breeders help with things like diets, cultivating livefood, health care tips and other helpful advice is given all with a view to helping you be a successful softbill breeder.

To order your copy see our shop page

Encyclopedia of Aviculture

Encyclopedia of Aviculture

A work that has taken years of research by author Glen Holland. South African born but now living in Australia. Species covered in this book varies from the worlds largest bird, the Ostrich, to the diminutive hummingbirds and waxbills. An array of species and a wealth of information has been gathered from aviculturist's worldwide to make this a true encyclopedia of knowledge for the all, including the average backyard birdkeeper. Because of the cut back on catching wild birds and the stopping of bird importation, Glen hopes this book will aid aviculturists to face the challenge of establishing captive bred strains of birds that are no longer reliant on replenishment from wild stock. An excellent reference book for all aviculturist's worldwide.


Just Finches & Softbills can now be ordered through many newsagents throughout Australia. Just tell your local agent to get in touch with Wrapaway Transport - Ph 02 9550 1622

We have a limited number of NZ Birdz magazines left in stock. These can now be purchased for just $5 a copy. While now out of print, back issues have many good articles on birds and birdkeeing in NZ and beyond. See our shop page to order. These are only for New Zealand Birdkeepers.

The Bengalese Finch

Bengalese Finches are popular all over the world and are now considered a domesticated species. This book contains not only basic information that can help the beginner, but also has information to help even the most experienced breeder and exhibitor.

It covers, management, accommodation, feeding and breeding, with special sections on colour standards and how to breed them. The genetics are explained in a simple form. All the latest colours are covered. Find out how to produce these colours from your own breeding stock. This will be especially helpful to those wanting to produce and exhibit something different from their birds.

The authors have gained a wealth of experience from breeding and exhibiting Bengalese over many years, and are considered world experts on Bengalese. Originally written in Dutch this book is now been translated into English. Now available from Just Finches & Softbills Magazine.


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Save the Gouldian Fund - Can You Help?

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New DVD"s on Parrots - Click here for more info. Order from Shop page.

New DVD"s on Parrots - Click here for more info. Order from Shop page.

Rare Finch Conservation Group - Proud Supporter

Rare Finch Conservation Group - Proud Supporter

Just Finches & Softbills - Issue 51 - Coming to Subscribers !

Just Finches & Softbills - Issue 51 - Coming to Subscribers !

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